Covid-19 Protocol

Duster Dollies will take the following precautions to contain the spread of COVID 19

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ALL staff will ALWAYS practice social distancing. No hugging, touching each other in any way.

ALL staff will CONSTANTLY wear a 3ply washable fabric facemask that will be provided to them.

ALL equipment will be wiped down & sanitized before entering a premisses.

ALL staff will be screened (taking their temperature with an infrared thermometer) in the mornings before they will enter any of our vehicles. Unfortunately we cannot screen Rent A Dolly Placements or Office Cleaners, because they do not report to our premises. It is the clients own responsibility to screen these cleaners.

ALL cleaning cloths will be washed & sanitized before cleaning each premisses.

ALL teams will be provided with a bottle of hand sanitizer which they will use on their hands BEFORE they will enter any vehicles or premises. With our Rent A Dolly Placements & Office Cleaners the client is responsible for providing hand sanitizer to the cleaners.

ALL staff has been issued with two t-shirts which they will wash daily after work & rotate with their other clothing.